Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kurds Are a Religion?!

The Zionists used Judaism religion as their only uniting factor in order to displace millions of Jews worldwide from their homes to the 'promised land' in occupied Palestine. They persecuted Jews living in ghettos worldwide to force them to flee when those Jews decided not to leave the lands of their fathers and move to a land promised to other people in the Holy books as if they were the ones concerned.

I won't waste my time now going through this again, however, a photo shared on social media caught my attention.

Copying the exact same methods to carve out an independent state for part of the population of a sovereign nation is only the works of the imperial powers to assist them steal further riches from targeted nations, as if all what was stolen, and still is being, is not enough.

The image above tells us that Kurds is a religion, or a sect of a religion comparing with the others printed on the placards carried by the said to be soldiers of the Iraqi Army.

'I'm a Kurd, I'm a Sunni, I'm a Shiite, I'm a Christian' the signs are telling. While throughout my life I used to know that Kurds were majorly Sunni Muslims, late martyr Mohammad Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti killed by Wahhabi FSA terrorists in Damascus was a Sunni top scholar, so was Saladdin a Sunni scholar and leader of Islamic nation, this is a new one to me. Let's leave aside that Christians are some 70 or more divisions themselves and here are shown as one vs. Sunni and Shiite which are two sects and not different religions of the same Islam.

While there are thousands of Arab Jews worldwide, in 'Israel' they segregate in their media Jews from all others including Arabs, so you're a Jew or an Arab!!

In Kurdistan, similarly, you're either a Kurd or a Sunni, as this image tells us.

Late top Islamic scholar Imam Ghazali once said: 'It's not necessary to be a traitor to serve your enemy, it's enough to be a fool.'

Friday, February 12, 2016

Thank You USA from the Children of the World

We'll not waste your time, or ours as we are busy fighting your creation. Just take 3 minutes of your busy schedule and watch this short message from Iraqi children to the people of the United States of America:

8 years later the US and its allies started invading Syria by thousands of mercenaries to repeat what they did in Iraq, like what they did in Libya, and everywhere they exported their 'democracy', 'free speech' and of course their banking system.

Comment by 'Made by the USA in the name of Democracy: 'They hate us for our freedom'..!

#Vietnam, All of #Africa, #Iraq, #Syria #Libya #Afghanistan #Serbia #Ukraine all of Central #America most of South America, even the indigenous people of the #USA itself..!'

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

First Saudi Ground Troops Received in Syria (GRAPHIC)

Upon the arrival of the first dispatch of the elite troops of the highly trained Royal National Guards of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they were engaged almost instantly in action with a Syrian outpost desert hybrid Stallion Force.

We managed to get a photo of the Saudi Elite Royal National Guard covert exploration mission treated by a Syrian Stallion during the engagement.

Top secret image leaked of first batch of Saudi Elite Royal troops engaged by Syrian Stallion Forces
The above image was leaked to us via bedouin activists on the ground near the south eastern Syrian borders with Jordan.

We strongly believe the Saudi commanders are now redrawing their plans and are calling for their allies in the West to exert some kind of pressure on them publicly to show they're responding to their allies to stop sending any of their troops to Syria.

Worth noting the Syrian minister of foreign affairs Mr. Waleed Moallem promised to send back aggressors entering Syria in wooden boxes (, but this came as a total surprise for all observers.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Russia's Total Support to Syria, Not Really!

This might come as a shock to some ultra Putinkjieh  (those who deity the Russian president Vladimir Putin) in their desperate attempts to stamp approval on all the acts of Russia with Syria to the extent they'd attack anyone who would criticize the hesitation and lack of real support Syria needed from its ally, and even Russia's weird accelerating businesses with all Syria's enemies on the account of Syria and the Syrian people. 

The spokeswoman of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs Maria Zakharova left no doubt in her latest press conference today Friday January 29, 2016 in Moscow and we quote from the Arabic translation conveyed by RT, Russian semi official mouthpiece: 'Moscow has never declared it totally supports the policy of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and has not considered  all opposition groups to Assad as terrorist groups' adding that 'Moscow has always pointed out at mistakes committed by Damascus'.

This defies any logic when not declaring anti-government groups attacking government facilities or interests in any sovereign country as terrorist groups. This also defies the international law which Russia is supposed to be one of 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council responsible for peace and stability in the world. This also is against the charter of the United Nations against foreign countries interfering in member states of the UN, through military means to effect a 'regime change' like the case in Syria.

However, this is not new as the Russians are trying to be Americans and play pragmatic policies where they should be strictly supporting the principles of international law.

We expect the Putinkjieh to be more stupid and continue their defense of Russian business policies on the account of slaughtering the Syrian people. 

Creativity by ISIS in Australia

We warned them but they never listened to us. This is exactly what happens when you grow a monster to kill others and it eats you as appetizer or as desert:

image- creativity by isis in australia

The Australian government, a negative effective member of the US led coalition of the killing of Syrians will now have to deal with the threats it right upon itself and its people, hopefully it's not too late, but the price will be very high.

More on the story: 

Karma: You can't kill others without paying a hefty price for that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Germany Fails its Victims

Germany is part of the evil US - UK - France - Turkey - Israel - Saudi - Qatar - ISIS - al-Qaeda - FSA Zio-Wahhabi coalition responsible for the horror in the 'Arab Spring' infested countries, they're even failing to attend to their victims.
What a shame these Westerners have made of themselves.

Friday, November 27, 2015

ISIS Never Attacks Israel - Paris Attacks to Serve as False Flag to Target Assad

In the following video Brother Nathaneal opens eyes about the connections between the Israeli terror organization known as Mossad and its creations the other terrorist groups like ISIS, Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant), FSA et al.

A Unit of Francoise Hollande Forces at Paris Saint Senis Bar

It's no secret that members of terrorist groups are treated in Zionist hospitals then sent again to resume their terrorist activities in Syria, what's very difficult for western citizens to understand is how much complicit is their own government, their most trusted western mainstream media channels and those of their allies in terror attacks against themselves, the western citizens paying their hard-earned tax dollars to feed these evil monsters.

What the citizens of the western countries, especially NATO member states should do is instead of blindly trusting their media and political sources, is to look for alternative media that makes better sense, because for instance, this is how they've been fed about what's happening in Syria:

Syrian Crisis Simplified for Western Dummies

And the lies continue.