Monday, April 16, 2018

Syria Should Not Fall for the Objectives of the Failed Aggression

NATO and its regional stooges tried their best and shot their ‘nice, new and smart missiles’ against Syria targeting at least 8 SAA airports among other command centers in their bank of targets, and failed. Now they want to harvest the fruits of their failure politically!

You will now be bombarded by all Western politicians and their media propagandists, aka mainstream media, also from Syria’s presumed allies, about the need for a political solution and the urge to return to peace talks and bring back ‘all parties’ to the... Continue reading:

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Message from the People of Douma |

On the same day the Western trio USA, UK and France launched their heinous attack against the Syrian nation in revenge for the cleaning of Douma and the whole of East Ghouta from their terrorists they invested in highly and dearly, the city of Douma was declared terrorists freeofficially by the Syrian Arab Army one day after the ‘last terrorist‘ was gathered to be bussed outside the city.
After the evicting of thousands of terrorists from the city of Douma, and all of Eastern Ghouta in the vicinity of the Syrian capital Damascus, what would you expect the message the people of Douma have to the Syrian state?

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Breaking: US, UK and France Attack Syria, Commit War Crime

SANA distributed photo of the US, UK and France cooperated attack on Syria.

On the morning of the Muslim’s commemorating Israa and Miraaj, the ascending of prophet Muhammad PBUH to heavens and to Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the pariah states of the USA, UK and France illegally, unlawfully, without consent, without any mandate and without any respect to the international law nor peace and stability in the world.

The evil empire of regimes led by a lunatic at the White House, a poodle at 10 Downing Street and a boy inheriting de Gaulle legacy by destroying it. All of them trying to solve their internal pressing issues on the account of the oldest civilization in the world that never posed any threat against any of their interests anywhere in the world, until now.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Breaking: Douma and Ghouta is Completely Terrorists-Free

The last batch of terrorists left the city of Douma, last stronghold of terrorists in East Ghouta, in the vicinity of Damascus Syrian Arab Army with a government delegation and a unit of Russian military police entered the city and the Syrian flag was raised atop the municipality building in the heart of Douma.

Reports that the last batch included the commander of the Saudi-sponsored Jaish al-Islam who is now being bussed towards the north of Syria away from the Syrian capital... Continue Reading:

image-Douma and East Ghouta is Terrorists Free - Archives

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

European Hypocrisy Threatens Airlines and Commercial Flights | Syria News

Even As Missiles Flies Over Riyadh, the EU Eurocontrol still warns of missiles that might fly over Syria...!

The 'EU Europeans' disregard for human lives can be obviously demonstrated in their double-standards especially when it comes to the lives of their own people traveling by airlines over and into Saudi Arabia, where money is and no 'Regime Change' is being executed, for now. European Organisation for the Safety of Air... Continue reading: European Hypocrisy Threatens Airlines and Commercial Flights | Syria News

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Last Terrorists of Douma: Jaish, Helmets & SAMS Collaborate in Massacre | Syria News

The last terrorists of Douma have engaged in a ghastly repeat of the heinous atrocities in Khan Sheikhoun, just days after the first anniversary of their slaughter, there. Though the dominant alQaeda faction there is alNusra, the supportive characters of the US and British intelligence funded White Helmets and the US-based, CNN and State Department approved NGO, SAMS remain the same. As with the Khan Sheikhoun slaughter, the purpose of the Douma ‘snuff porn’ slaughter is to incite the swamp-drunk Trump to again bomb Syrian soldiers and ‘collateral damage civilians,’ based on the lies of alQaeda.

The week before the mass murder in Khan Sheikhoun, 250 civilians were kidnapped from nearby villages Majal and Khattab. On 4 April 2017, it was CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news — which broke the report. CNN’s chief source was the British illegal, Shajul Islam, embedded with alNusra-still-on-US-and-UN-terror-lists. He is the guy who was indicted on terrorism charges in his native UK, the guy whose medical license was... Continue reading: Last Terrorists of Douma: Jaish, Helmets & SAMS Collaborate in Massacre | Syria News


Monday, April 9, 2018

Families of Kidnapped: Tell Us if They Are Alive or Dead | Syria News

Families of kidnapped are pouring onto the streets from the Faiha Stadium, where hundreds have been waiting to find out if their children, parents, cousins will be found among the living.  In that Douma agreement, terrorist gangs Jaish al Islam and Jabhat al Nusra were put on buses to  Jarabulus in exchange for the... Continue reading: Families of Kidnapped: Tell Us if They Are Alive or Dead | Syria News